Humanities and Social Sciences

Key information

  • Explore business-related theories and their practical application using real-world case studies.
  • Improve your reporting skills through independent research projects.
  • Review articles and videos using the online learning environment to enhance your classroom studies.
  • Attend weekly drop-in sessions with a Tutor from the The University of Manchester.

English language entry requirements

IELTS: 5.5; 5.5 W

Academic requirements

GPA: 3.5; 4.0 Mathematics




January, September

BSc (Hons) Accounting

BAEcon (Hons) Accounting and Finance

BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science and Mathematics

BA (Hons) American Studies

BA (Hons) Ancient History

BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology

BA (Hons) Ancient History and History

BA (Hons) Arabic and a Modern European Language

BA (Hons) Arabic and Politics

BA (Hons) Arabic Studies

BA (Hons) Archaeology

BA (Hons) Archaeology and Anthropology

BA (Hons) Archaeology and History

BA (Hons) Architecture

BA (Hons) Classical Studies

BA (Hons) Classics

BA (Hons) Criminology

BASS Criminology and Data Analytics

BAEcon (Hons) Development Studies

BA (Hons) Development Studies and Data Analytics

BA Drama and Film Studies

BAEcon (Hons) Economics

BSc (Hons) Economics

BA (Hons) Economics and Data Analytics

BAEcon (Hons) Economics and Finance

BAEcon (Hons) Economics and Philosophy

BAEcon (Hons) Economics and Politics

BAEcon (Hons) Economics and Sociology

BSc (Hons) Education

BSc (Hons) Educational Psychology

BA (Hons) English Language

BA (Hons) English Language and Arabic

BA (Hons) English Language and Chinese

BA (Hons) English Language and French

BSc (Hons) Environmental Management

BSc (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising

BSc (Hons) Fashion Management

BSc (Hons) Fashion Marketing

BA Film Studies and English Language

BA Film Studies and English Literature

BA Film Studies and Linguistics

BAEcon (Hons) Finance

BA (Hons) Geography

BSc (Hons) Geography

BSc Global Development

BA Global Social Challenges

BA History

BA (Hons) History of Art

BSc (Hons) Information Technology Management for Business

BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics

BSc International Disaster Management & Humanitarian Response

BSc (Hons) International Management

LLB (Hons) Law

LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology

LLB (Hons) Law with International Study

LLB (Hons) Law with Politics

BA (Hons) Liberal Arts

BSc (Hons) Management - Accounting and Finance

BSc (Hons) Management - Human Resources

BSc (Hons) Management - Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BSc (Hons) Management - International Business Economics

BSc (Hons) Management - Marketing

BSc (Hons) Management

MPRE Master of Planning with Real Estate

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

MMath (Hons) Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Financial Mathematics

MMath (Hons) Mathematics with Financial Mathematics

BA (Hons) Middle Eastern Studies

BA (Hons) Modern Language and Business & Management - Chinese

BA (Hons) Modern Language and Business & Management - Italian

BA (Hons) Modern Language and Business & Management - Japanese

BA (Hons) Philosophy

BASS Philosophy and Criminology

MPlan Planning

BSc (Hons) Planning and Real Estate

BASS Politics and Criminology

BSocSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations

BASS Politics and Social Anthropology

BASS Politics and Sociology

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy and Economics

BSc Public Health

BSocSc (Hons) Social Anthropology

BASS Social Anthropology and Criminology

BASS Social Anthropology and Sociology

BSocSc (Hons) Sociology

BASS Sociology and Criminology

BASS Sociology and Data Analytics

BASS Sociology and Philosophy