International Year One in Science and Mathematics



International Year One in Science and Mathematics will prepare students to enter their next semester of a bachelor's degree program at Suffolk University.

Key information

  • The program provides academic, language and cultural support in order to succeed at a US university.
  • Students are guaranteed progression to an undergraduate degree program through a curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses.
  • Students will benefit from fully integrated classes with both domestic and other international students on campus while learning from highly trained university instructors and tutors.

Fast facts

Class duration

12-16 hours per week

Class Size

Maximum class size for English language teaching 18


This program leads a bachelor's degree at Suffolk University.

Why Suffolk University?

  • Suffolk University is located in the heart of downtown Boston.
  • Suffolk has the fourth largest percentage of international students among US institutions.
  • Whether students choose to concentrate in actuarial science or pure math, they'll enjoy internships with prestigious employers.
  • Students will get to work collaboratively with Suffolk's peer mentoring program MATHshop.
  • As a biology major, students will have the option of joining The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and the Health Careers Club.
Start Dates August January
Program length 2 Semesters

Entry requirements

Age requirement


Academic requirements

High school diploma; 2.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

English language entry requirements

2 Semesters: TOEFL iBT 60, IELTS 5.5, PTEA 44, Password 5.5, IELA 162, Completion of Academic English Level 4, or Duolingo 90.

Dates & fees

August 2022 start
(2 Semesters)

Wed 31 August 2022 - Sat 17 December 2022
Tue 10 January 2023 - Tue 9 May 2023

January 2023 start
(2 Semesters)

Tue 10 January 2023 - Tue 9 May 2023
Wed 10 May 2023 - Fri 18 August 2023

Degree program components

126 credit hour program
33 credit hours apply
93 credit hours remaining toward degree

Semester 1

Course title

Credit hours

MATH 134 or 165

Calculus for Management and Social Sciences or Calculus I

4 Credits

EAP 101

Foundations of Listening and Speaking I

4 Credits

EAP 102

Foundations of Reading and Writing I

4 Credits

BIO 114/L114 or PHYS 151/L151

Organismal Biology and Organismal Biology Laboratory or University Physics I and University Physics Lab I

4 Credits

CAS 101

Strategies of Success

1 Credits

Semester 2

Course title

Credit hours

EAP 103

Foundations of Listening and Speaking II

4 Credits

EAP 104

Foundations of Reading and Writing II

4 Credits

CHEM 111/L111

General Chemistry I and General Chemistry Lab I

4 Credits

BIO 111/L111 or MATH 166 or PHYS 152/L152 or UES 111/L111

Introduction to the Cell and lab or Calculus II or University Physics II and lab or Majors' Environmental Science and lab

4 Credits


 =  Placement option available
 =  Study abroad option available

Degree subject

Final level %

English level %

Additional requirements


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA

Environmental Science-B.S.

2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA


2.0 GPA

Radiation Science-B.S.

2.0 GPA